The Benefits

The Benefits

The most scientific and dynamic project management system that:

a) Radically compresses project duration – more than any other system can achieve.
b) Maximises the opportunity to complete on or ahead of time.
c) Provides the most accurate predication of completion date.
d) Delivers sustainable and radical reduction in cost.
e) Leads to totally transparent and accurate progress monitoring
f) Fundamentally improves integration and collaboration across the supply chain
g) Leads to win win for all the supply chain.
h) Delivers a much higher consistency of project delivery across all projects.
i) Provides the best level of protection to the end date against changes and delays.
j) Radically improves cash flow.

As well as:

a) Indicates precisely how the project is running and level of control day to day.
b) Highlights the daily impact of every task on the end date.
c) Minimises variation caused by differences in the level of skills, knowledge and ability of individuals managing the project.
d) Simplifies communication down the supply chain.
e) Minimises fire fighting, progress chasing and expediting.
f) Radically reduces the need for supervision and co-ordination.
g) Increases the effectiveness and productivity of management at all levels.


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